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8 Tips when choosing your photographer to capture your journey

When considering your photographer it is important to consider if they are YOUR photographer. Below we have a range of handy tips to help you select the best photographer for you and your family. After all, most photographers like to build relationships with their photographers and have them join them along the journey they call life. 

So, where do we start…

  • Safety First! Don’t let money put you at risk!

This is so important to consider, Please never sacrifice you or your families safety for pricing. Safety is paramount when it comes to Photographer and you should always feel comfortable  with who ever you select. Please understand that alot of people can deem themselves as photographers now day with everyone who owns a camera believing they have the skill, however alot of us professional photographers have years of experience, or professional training in safety, so please don’t be afraid to ask your photographer about their experience in photography safety. 

  • Picking the style you love

This one is quite obvious, pick your photographer based on loving their style. If you find a photographer within your budget, but hate their photos, chances are you wont like yours. Find a style that suits you and your home. Consider this, if you are considering wall art to be displayed in your country home, and select a very beachy photographer, will those images suit your home style? 
When consider us for instance we offer two different studios both specialising in their own individual style, One is crisp, white and minimalistic, one is dark, rich, and deep shaded images. We don’t make this decision for you, we offer you the options so you can select your preferred style. So make sure, regardless of where you go, to select a style that best suits you. 

Newborn Photographer Rocklea
Rocklea Newborn Photographer
  • Commercial Studio 

Now, we do know that there are plenty of home studios, but did you know that we offer a beautiful commercial studio that is fully equipped with all you need to be comfortable during your session. It also allows you the stress free environment that you can make yourself at home, be ensured there is access to bathrooms, toilets, children’s toys and tv, a full kitchen including coffee machine and microwaves. We always ask you to consider the benefits of a commercial studio so that you are comfortable with the professionalism that comes alongside that. 

  • Consider what you will do with your photos

This one is a little more complicated. Now, we know a lot of people’s first thought here is ‘Photos for Facebook and Instagram’, now we do understand the want for this, however a full service photographer will assist you in ensuring your photos are prepared in high quality products as digital images are not much use after being uploaded on social media. however, when you invest in a fantastic photographer we like to get you to consider the bigger picture (literally), consider large wall art collections, or a hero piece as you enter your home,  consider fine art albums to gift to your parents or grandparents, consider desktop products to go within your children’s bedrooms. Having a clear idea of where you want your images displayed will assist your photographer in knowing how to photograph your session. By selecting an album your photographer will shoot in a storytelling model to ensure your albums flows, If you are after hero images they should discuss with you what you have in mind and ensure that there are images that will work with your vision. So consider where and how you want your images displayed before booking. Remember, digital images are ideal for social media, however generic printing sources cannot ensure the quality or colouring from your photographer is correctly portrayed so we do advise you print through your photographer. 

  • All inclusive, the more the merrier!

Next thing we ask you to consider if the number of people your photographer will allow in images. Are their newborn sessions inclusive of parents and siblings or will that cost you extra to be involved in the session? Are their family sessions limited to 5 people and you need to pay for the 6th? Be sure to consider all of this when selecting your photographer so you avoid turning up to your session only to be charged more then expected. 

  • What kind of investment are you willing to put forward?

Every photographer works in their own way, some will have an inclusive packages, some will have collections upfront, or online purchasing, some (like us) will offer you a viewing session on the day where you can select your products and collections. Please ensure regardless of who you select, to ask for full pricing before you book in, and ask if there is a minimum purchase. Again this will allow you to avoid unexpected costings, and will help you prepare for your purchase. Alot of photographers, ourselves included, will offer Afterpay, payment plans, Paypal in 4 and so forth, this can assist you receive those gorgeous photos you love without feeling out of pocket. We do ask though, when arranging a photoshoot, please consider that these images will one day be your entire legacy, they are important, they will tell your story. Invest in them while you can. 

  • Products on offer

Another key consideration to keep in mind is the actual product availability themselves. If you have a house full of canvas prints and you are looking at a photographer who only offers metal or wood prints, will those prints work with that in your home? Consider what products you already own, or what you want to fulfil your home, and ensure that your photographer offers those products. Photography and displaying images is all about consistency after all, ensuring your home flows well and captivates those looking at them. 

  •  And lastly, consider the turn around time.

We’ve all been there when we’ve had a great last minute idea for a gift involving photos, you arrange it all and BAM! 3 week wait just to view your images…. now what do you do? So be sure to consider and ask how fast turn around is, will you receive a sneak peak? Will you view the unedited images on the day like we do, will it be weeks of you waiting and hoping for your images? And also consider product production. If you are planning towards Christmas gifts for instance, understand how busy professional printing labs are and get in early to ensure your product is ready in time for you to gift. 

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