Why Birth Photography?

Birth Photography is one of the most incredible moments in ones life, it is  moment that although can seem to last so long, is such a fleeting memory that one holds onto. 


Birth photography is about creativity and skilfully capturing the intimate and emotional story of your child entering this big bold world. As the acceptance and liberation of a women’s journey into motherhood continue to build momentum here in Australia, parents are finding new ways to revel in the beauty and passion of the birthing experience. The profound impact the arrival of a new baby has on the lives of its parents is both anticipated and embraced. The full strength and wisdom of the women’s body is realised and celebrated. The desire parents have to be able to document this journey without compromising their focus or energy in anything other than each other is part of why birth photography is so sort after. It’s considered a way of capturing moments that can never be replicated and ones that will never be more cherished – the first touch, the first breath, the first cry.

Whats important when choosing a Birth Photographer?

There is several things that should be the most important things to consider when booking a Birth Photographer. I will list them for you below.

  1.  A professional that knows how to work with medical staff professionally without intruding on their grounds
  2. A professional that has the equipment capable of working in low light situations without using a flash. This equipment is high value equipment with low light capable lenses also. Only very fews cameras will cope with working in low light situations that arise in birth suites.
  3. A photographer that has all the right contracts in place for birth photography
  4. An AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer that works with a code on conduct at all times.
  5. Knows what to expect in an event of an emergency situation during the birth
  6. Has credibility from previous birth clients that you are able to contact about their service.
  7. Are they fully insured to be doing Birth Photography?
  8. You are able to meet them in person to discuss all necessary details about the birth process
  9. Are they on call 24/7 leading up to the birth?
  10. Do they have a backup photographer in case of anything going wrong preventing them to not make it to your birth?
  11. Has done several births and knows what to expect, knows what the lighting conditions are like and has confidence in working in those conditions for a long period of time depending on the length of the labour and delivery.


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